Stuttle House

Stuttle House is yet another one of our passive fire protection projects we were appointed to do by Lawtech Group.
Further to the fire risk assessment report this 7 storey residential building is in need of fire stopping to communal service risers and service penetrations. eBrit fire protection will seal openings throughout Stuttle House building and rectify various defects to make it comply with fire safety regulations.
Fire resistant intumescent sealant will be applied to linear gaps and intumescent pipe wraps and collars for use around conduits, cables and combustible pipes.
We have recently started working on it and all work is proceeding as per schedule. Fire stopping is being carried out slowly but steadily due to building staying occupied whilst works take place. We are looking forward to finishing it in the near future.

Duration: ONGOING
Contract value: TBC

eBrit Fire Protection Ltd provides passive fire protection systems installation. Our team of fire stoppers and fire door installers are trained to the very high standards. We provide best service available.
We are a member of the FIRAS third part accreditation scheme. Confirmation of our status can be viewed at firas-register or please click here to view certificate.

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