Why MMOC Isn’t a Safe Option

MMOC And Fire Regulations – Have We Met An Impasse?

Modern methods of construction have facilitated builders to achieve better results with lesser investments. MMOC incorporates mass production techniques to speed up the construction of buildings. It enhances efficiency and can help build complex structures in shorter time periods. Let’s have a look at some common techniques that have helped this change in the construction industry.

Off-Site Construction

This method is also referred to as pre-fabricated or volumetric construction. Small sized structures, such as bathrooms, are constructed complete with services and fittings and then transported to their destination. It significantly reduces the build programme whilst offering a quality controlled and defect free solution to the contractor.


The use of technology has improved efficiency significantly. Construction software applications are widely being used to manage entire elements of a construction project. These applications include Building Information Modelling or BIM offering the construction team a level of predictability on capital and operational delivery.

Although MMOC offers several benefits to the construction industry, the main question is, “are these techniques safe?” Modern methods of construction like traditional methods carry risk, and the risk of fire is one of them. Here are a few modern methods of construction that could be classed as high risk in relation to fire.

Timber-Framed Structures

A large number of structures built today are timber-framed. Builders can manufacture the structure off-site and then move them to the location where they are to be built or installed. It is a highly efficient method that assists in reducing construction costs.

However, since timber is at high risk from catching fire, structures built with this method are more susceptible. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the designers and manufacturers of these types of structures to ensure regulations on the spread of fire and compartmentation are met.

Insulation Panels

Nowadays, the use of insulation panels made from polystyrene material has become quite common in construction. It is a synthetic polymer that enhances the thermal efficiency of the panels. The insulation panels are installed within the building to help maintain regulate the temperature inside a building and reduce energy costs. However, on the negative side, the material can be combustible.

The innovative methods of construction have become extremely popular within a brief time. Construction companies have wholeheartedly adopted these methods to cut down costs. However, these methods can benefit in the long run only if appropriate actions are taken to minimize the hazards. It is essential to meet the safety requirements as specified by fire regulations.

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