Common House Fire Causes

4 Most Common Causes of House Fires

It is near impossible to predict a house fire. However, once it catches on, it can consume the entire house within a very short period of time. Surprisingly, most house fires are caused due to negligence. House fires can be catastrophic and even if they are put out while they are relatively small, they can cost thousands in damage. This whole experience can be avoided altogether if proper precautions are taken.

Let’s go through some of the most common causes of house fires.

1. Cooking

Cooking-related causes of fire are very common. Do not leave your pots and pans on heat and leave them unattended for extended periods of time. If you are cooking something in a pot or a pan, do not let it overheat. Cooking-related house fires often occur because it is common for people to get distracted while they have left something on the stove. Don’t forget that grease and cooking oils are highly flammable and can ignite once overheated. Make sure that you clean your cooking utensils thoroughly to prevent grease from accumulating over time.

2. Irresponsible smoking

Did you know that a cigarette butt can smoulder for hours? Always try to refrain from smoking in your bedroom. If you do smoke in your property then refrain from dropping the ash on the floor, especially if you have a carpeted floor. Make sure that you use an ashtray that is deep and never place it near furniture. If you see someone else smoking and drinking or smoking while they are on sedative medication, supervise them in case they forget to put out the cigarette butt.

3. Candles

Although scented candles make for a great accessory for the house and can release welcoming aromatic scents, they are a major fire hazard nonetheless. Do not have anything that can catch on fire near the naked flame of the candle. Make sure there are no hanging curtains or fabrics near a burning candle. Do not leave a burning candle unattended and always blow them out before you leave the room. If you are going to use candles, make sure you have them in sturdy holders so that they don’t topple over. Also, always keep the lighter or the matchbox that you use to light the candle away from children’s reach.

4. Chemical fires and flammable liquids

When you have flammable household chemicals such as cleaning solutions, motor oil, solvents, adhesives, thinners and paints, it is imperative that you store them properly. Such liquids should be kept far away from heat sources and in cool, dry places. Even the vapours from some of these chemical agents are sufficient to ignite a fire from high temperatures. Always keep the lids on these liquids tightly closed. If you have used rags that were dipped in these flammable liquids, wash them thoroughly because they can easily catch fire just as well.

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