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    It's a statutory requirement for business or property owner to carry out Survey and Fire Risk Assessment of a building.…

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  • Passive Fire Protection

    Passive Fire Protection

    Passive Fire Protection is the use of fire-resistance rated materials in walls and floors to prevent or slow down the…

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  • Intumescent Paint Spraying

    Intumescent Paint Spraying

    Intumescent Paint and Coating spraying is used in Passive Fire protection installations. The key feature of intumescent paints and coatings…

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  • Fire Stopping & Control – penetration sealing

    Fire Stopping & Control – pen

    Fire Stopping and Control - penetration sealing. We use the industry leading suppliers such as Rockwool ,Fireus & Hilti. We…

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  • Fire Door Installation

    Fire Door Installation

    Fire doors are a crucial part of the passive fire protection of every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building. Around…

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  • Cavity Barriers

    Cavity Barriers

    Cavity Barriers,¬†known also as cavity stops, are multi-purpose insulation products providing fire, acoustic and thermal performance in concealed wall cavities.…

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  • Acoustic Air Sealing

    Acoustic Air Sealing

    Similar to fire stopping, acoustic air sealing is required where sound can penetrate from one building compartment to another. Increasingly…

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