Fire Stopping & Control

We install various branded solutions compromising of ablative coated mineral fibre batt, intumescent mastic sealants and much more. We use the industry leading suppliers such as Rockwool ,Fireus & Hilti.
These materials offer protection against fire and smoke. They can also be used to seal around services to make an airtight seal.
All service penetration sealing is recorded with an individual unique seal number, which is labelled and digital photograph of the seal taken which is then forwarded to clients on completion of project for traceability.
Since the fire performance of a product, component or structure is dependent upon satisfactory site installation and maintenance, eBrit Fire Protection Ltd is a member of the FIRAS third part accreditation scheme.

FIRAS carries out quarterly inspections of our work and office to confirm that our Passive Fire Protection installations are carried out correctly to achieve their high standards.