Acoustic Air Sealing

Similar to fire stopping, acoustic air sealing is required where sound can penetrate from one building compartment to another.
Increasingly important in schools, hospitals, offices and hotels where noise transfer is a nuisance. Dense insulating products are installed to limit the travel of sound where compartments are breached.
These areas include penetrations through perimeters of walls and floors. Spiralling energy costs and environmental focuses have driven modern buildings to be increasingly effectively sealed to prevent the escape of air. Between wall and roof or ceiling; wall and floor; between wall panels.

These are often some of the largest leaks in a building. They typically occur in places where cavities between studs or joists connect a conditioned space. Acoustic Air Sealing is the simplest way to deal with these leaks.
Penetrations of utility services through walls, floors, ceiling/roofs, wall plates. Plumbing, electrical and duct. Door and window frames—Rough openings should be sealed to frames.