Pollards Hill Estate

Pollards Hill Estate in Mitcham has recently undergone a large scale
regeneration and development scheme programme to improve living facilities for it's residents and to create engaging community.
eBrit Fire Protection was among those appointed by United Living to work on this project.
To achieve a minimum 30-minute fire rating, eBrit provided and installed new FD30 fire door sets to electrical risers & riser cupboards and ironmongery into open voids within the estate complex.
All works have been carried out as instructed by United Living in the works action schedules and to manufactures specifications. eBrit worked closely with main contractor and residents of Pollards Hill Estate, who occupied buildings during works being carried out, to minimise disruption throughout.
After 3 months of work, project has now been successfully completed.

Duration: 3 Months
Contract Value: £300.00

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